Ingram Engineering specializes in the design and production of the highest quality and most versatile studio tools available. Classic circuit design topologies and techniques are used as a basis for original designs and feature sets that provide great sound and unparalleled consistency under all usage conditions.


Our designs have been noted for their flexibility in shaping tones for best quality, high headroom, low noise JFET amplifiers with excellent sound, ultra linear phase and extended frequency response for best transient characteristics.


Introducing the MPA575 Mic Signal Processor



Ingram Engineering is pleased to announce that its high-end rack mount line up has now been augmented with its first 500-series module, the MPA575. This unit features a transformer coupled discrete mic pre-amp, compressor and equalizer. It provides an unprecedented combination of features for the price while retaining the smooth sound, professional grade circuits and performance of the rack mount line. Navigate to the MPA575 product page to learn more.


  • Natural Sound with Slight Coloration
  • Discrete JFET 2-Stage Amplifier
  • Transformer I/O
  • Variable Input Impedance
  • EQ with Bypass
  • Low Cut Filter with Variable Cutoff Frequency
  • Compressor with Bypass
    • Soft Knee Program Dependent Ratio
    • Program Dependent Attack / Release
    • Auto Makeup Gain
    • Internal Sidechain EQ or External EQ
  • Buffered Output for Max Cable Isolation




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