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Following are links to various web sites of interest.


  • Top Shelf Music Group - website of Michael Frasinelli, Audio Engineer and Executive Producer. Michael owns and operates Top Shelf Music Group project studio in Nashville, TN.
  • Audio Producer News - a website with in-depth and insightful reviews and commentary on studio gear. Michael Frasinelli is a Features Writer and Reviewer for the site.
  • 500 Series Modules - a website dedicated to 500-series gear, created by George Hajioannou, who is also the owner of Studio Logic Sound
  • Audio Engineering Society - Join the society to access really in depth information about audio technology
  • Tape Op Magazine - Down to earth and on-target info about recording and gear. The magazine is free, to boot
  • RTZ Audio - Designers of excellent guitar and recording equipment; RTZ Audio and Ingram Engineering frequently collaborate
  • Uneeda Audio - A wealth of audio wisdom and experience
  • Samar Audio & Microphone Design - Very high quality microphone and transformer designs by Dr. Mark Fouxman
  • Hewlett Studios - first rate studio in Cumming, GA.
  • Chase Park Transduction - A great studio collaborative headed by David Barbe
  • Bakos Amp Works - An excellent recording studio and amp repair business owned and operated by Jeff Bakos
  • The Living Room Recording Studio - the Atlanta studio co-owned by Engineer and musician Ed Rawls
  • Dr. William Marshall Leach's Website - Source of inspiration and education for countless audio engineers. Chief Engineer at Ingram Engineering, Mr. Ingram, had the privilege of studying under Dr. Leach at Georgia Institute of Technology. Sadly, Dr. Leach passed away on 11/20/10.
    The GT memorial is online at
  • Jensen Transformers - Great app notes, general information and, most important, great transformers
  • Sowter Transformers - Great transformers. Much of the best music played over the years has passed through Sowter transformers.
  • RF Cafe - Many calculators and research resources
  • ARRL - (Amateur Radio and Relay League) More research resources
  • Barry Rudolph - Recording Engineer / Producer / Journalist / Teacher. Click the hyperlink for his comprehensive web site. Navigate to the home page to see his amazing history. Barry has an excellent page with recall sheets and manuals for many manufacturers, including Ingram Engineering: Recall Sheets / Manuals
  • Recording Hacks - Great microphone database that can be used to find which mic to use with your Ingram Engineering pre-amp.
  • Griffin Mastering - not only an excellent, boutique mastering studio, but Chris Griffin provides mix and recording services
  • Village Recordist - website of recording Engineer Will Manning showcasing his recording skill and taste
  • Shaking Through - A music and video series project of Weathervane Music that documents the recording process of various emerging artists
  • Darwin Studios - Excellent website and graphic design. Designers of this website.