Apr 2019: The MPA685 pre-amp and MPA575 channel strip have also been added to the Session Recall library. These complement the EQ50 addition from the previous month.

Mar 2019: Session Recall is an application that uses great graphical representations of analog gear and a well thought out interface to let you record your settings. Ingram Engineering EQ50 is now available for download for the application. It is very affordable and extremely useful.

Dec 2018: We have recently added Music Toy Shop to our list of Dealers. Contact Jim at Music Toy Shop for the latest offerings. Welcome, Music Toy Shop!

May 2017: Barry Rudolph has posted a very nice write up and review of the EQ50 Equalizer for Music Connection Magazine "New Toys" Column. Here is a link to the write up:

May 2017: Randy Kohrs (Slack Key Studio) demo'ed the MPA575 channel strip and EQ50 Equalizer at Airshow Mastering & Recording - Takoma Park, along with Sage Benado and his Benado Effects guitar pedals.

Mar 2017: Front End Audio has just been added as a Dealer, with the new EQ50 being the featured Ingram Engineering product. Contact Alan Moon at Front End Audio for more information.

Jan 2017: We are pleased to announce the addition of Studio Logic Sound as our newest dealer. Please visit our Dealer and Links web pages for hyperlinks and contact info.

Dec 2016: First production units for the new EQ50 Equalizer are shipping!

Oct 2016: Receiving the material for first production run of our new product. Check back often for updates.


Oct 2015: MPA575 EQ Overview application note is now on the "Links" page. We had been providing this info on request, and formalized it into the linked App Note. EQ sweeps are provided, and the plots demonstrate the versatility of the MPA575's EQ. With two simple controls, the user can realize an extremely wide range of equalization curves.

Feb 2015: Ricky McKinnie of the Blind Boys of Alabama is currently tracking demos through the MPA685 dual channel rack mount pre-amp at his Atlanta studio. Beautiful sounds, to be sure.... http: //

Nov 2014: Jeff Hewlett studios in Cumming, GA are currently under construction. The facility promises to be first rate on its own merits, but even more so with the recent installation of Ingram Engineering MPA575 500-Series channel strips, MPA685 dual mic pre-amp and RTZ Audio 500-Series rack. More info to follow as the studio progresses toward a grand opening.

May 2014: The new MPA575 mic signal processor is now sampling! We are also preparing for July NAMM in Nashville. Come see us and the new MPA575 at booth #560. We'll be next door to our buddy Bob Starr, owner of RTZ Audio, and just down from Tape Op magazine.

Oct 2013: We're headed to the Audio Engineering Society Convention in New York this month. We have a lot of news to share regarding new MPA685 customers and demos. We also will be spreading the word about a new until-now secret project in the lab: in 2014 we will be introducing our first 500-series module, the MPA575. We're still now sure how, but we squeezed a mic pre, compressor and EQ into the small 500 series size.

Sept 2013: We're proud to add Pepper's Pro Audio to the dealer list http: // Contact Pepper Denny or John Forbes for more info.

Sept 2013: Ingram Engineering and RTZ Audio were honored to be invited to demo our equipment at Randy Kohrs' Slack Key Studio http: // http: // http: //

Aug, 2013: The MPA685 is currently handling duties at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, as part of Weathervane Music's Shaking Through series. The series documents the writing and performance of a song by invited artists. One song is crafted, recorded, mixed and master in two days. Navigate to http: // to see more background and enjoy the video documentation of the sessions. To date, the MPA685 has been paired with a U67 for bass, KM184s for piano and DI for stereo synth, MPC2000 sampler-sequencer and synth bass with excellent results. Check the Shaking Through site through time for video and audio updates.

June, 2013: Scott Dorsey writes the following in the June, 2013 Recording Magazine review.
"This is the kind of preamplifier I want to see more of in our world. It does what it's supposed to do and it doesn't add much else to the sound. It has a lot of Swiss-army-knife style features that can be very handy in a modern studio. And it's built with care and to last several lifetimes."

Jan 2013: Audio samples recorded using the MPA685 are now available on the website! http: // The MPA685 and several other well known mic-preamps were used to simultaneously record a wide range of audio sources. For each take, a mic signal was split so that the same signal fed both the MPA685 and one other pre-amp. Each of the files can be streamed from the website or downloaded for comparisons in your studio. Judge for yourself the differences between the MPA685 and mic pre-amps you may have used before.

March 2012: Hugh Robjohns, Sound on Sound review: "Overall, this is a well-made preamp with buckets of gain and a cleverly optimised gain structure that maximises its technical performance at all gain settings. Indeed, the technical performance is excellent, and the sound character is an appealing blend of neutral transparency with a hint of iron richness and ultra-fast transients sitting within a vast headroom."

Nov 2011: Barry Rudolph, Mix Magazine review: "The MPA685 allows you to rediscover your whole mic collection by way of its three input impedance choices, remarkable dynamic range and its huge reservoir of gain. Add the super-DI path, and you have an excellent, professional and worthwhile tool ready for any recording task.

Oct 2011: Kirt Shearer, Tape Op magazine review: "When listening to the MPA685, the first thing I noticed was the tremendous headroom this thing has. I love using well-designed high-voltage circuits. You just get the feeling that they're never going to give up and slip into distortion, and that's the feeling I get with the Ingram. It seems to have endless headroom and current capacity. I feel like I could drive a blender with the output."

Sept 2011: Ingram Engineering ramps first quantity production of the MPA685 in time for AES New York

May 2010: Work begins on the MPA685. The MPA685 combines the best technical features of the MPA201 and MPA681, while increasing the input impedance options to provide an optimum match for ribbon microphones as well as condensers and dynamics. The ultra low noise, dual gain stage design and stepped attenuator provide unparalleled dynamic range and smooth tones.